The Collectibles

Dear family and loyal friends… my time at Hacienda Nápoles is ending… quickly.

Though it seems like yesterday I was on the cusp of the Presidency, I am now persona non grata in my own country and separated from the people and city I’ve always loved above all others.

Everything I leave behind is yours to take, but be quick. The Hacienda Nápoles will soon be overrun with agents.

To El Limon, I leave my prized stallion Terremoto.

To La Quica, I leave my Wetbike.

To Rojas, my loyal accountant, I leave my Russian hat. You’ll need it where you’re going.

To everyone else, help yourself to my wardrobe of Cartel Couture. Though none of us live forever, though the Americans will try and take away our freedom and even our lives, our legacy lives on.

The Cartel Couture Collection: 12 stylish clothing pieces, 1 El Patron tabletop collectible. All officially licensed by Narcos.