Do I need an NFT to purchase Narcos clothing or the tabletop collectible?

No, you do not need an NFT to purchase Narcos clothing or the tabletop collectible. The NFT can be claimed after purchase, once you’ve received your physical collectible in the mail.

What are digital collectibles (NFTs)?

An NFT is a unique digital item stored on a blockchain. All NFTs have these things in common: they are powered by smart contracts, they are immutable, and their digital record of ownership is permanent.

What are phygital NFTs?

Sometimes called “physical-linked” NFTs, phygital NFTs are a specific type of NFT with physical and digital elements. Brands in nearly every industry from fashion wearables to toys, and even luxury items, are experimenting with phygital NFTs in order to better link the physical and digital worlds.

What is a blockchain? What blockchain are Narcos collectibles stored on?

A blockchain is a system of recording information (like a database or ledger) that is shared through a computer network. As a database, a blockchain stores information electronically in a digital format.

Narcos NFTs live on the Polygon blockchain, an energy-efficient “proof-of-stake” technology.

Do I need a crypto wallet to participate?

Yes, if you want to claim the NFT associated with your physical collectible, you will need a crypto wallet.

Where are my digital collectibles held, and how do I access them?

Your digital collectibles are held in whatever crypto wallet you used to claim them. You can access them by opening your wallet app on your phone or logging in on your desktop computer.

How do I claim my NFT collectible?

Once your physical collectible arrives in the mail, hold your phone in close proximity to the chip inserted into the clothing. This will prompt your phone to open a link. Follow the instructions on the link to claim your NFT collectible.

How does IYK’s technology work?

IYK uses near-field communication (NFC) and blockchain technology to tokenize physical items and IRL experiences. We offer a variety of NFC- and blockchain-enabled products that can be linked to NFTs, attendance tokens, web links, and other exclusive content.

Do I need an app in order to tap an IYK garment or product with my phone?

Tapping the NFC chip in an IYK item with your phone allows you to activate the chip and claim the exclusive content stored within—no app required.

What is “proof of proximity”?

IYK products emit dynamic, single-visit links via NFC. These links expire after they’re hit once or in 30 minutes, making it hard to share the page.

Scanning the NFC chip with a phone can only be done at a range of ~2cm as well. This allows us to be reasonably confident that whoever is on that page is right next to the product.

How Dazzy Works: Unlocking the World of Physical Collectables

Dazzy has revolutionized the world of physical collectables by introducing a dynamic platform that seamlessly combines the tangible and digital realms. Here's a step-by-step breakdown of how the Dazzy platform works:

1. Explore and Purchase:
  • Users start their journey by exploring the collections of physical collectables available on Dazzy.io.
1. Explore and Purchase:
  • Upon making a purchase, users receive a unique digital proof of purchase on the Ethereum blockchain that represents their ownership of the selected physical collectible.
  • This digital proof of purchase is securely stored in their personal Ethereum wallet, serving as a digital certificate of ownership and authenticity.
3. Redemption Choice:
  • Dazzy.io offers a unique feature: Users can decide whether they want to have the physical collectable delivered to their doorstep or keep it stored securely in the Dazzy Vault.
4. The Dazzy Vault:
  • Those who choose to keep their physical collectable in the Dazzy Vault enjoy several benefits:
  • Security: Physical collectables are stored in a highly secure environment, minimizing the risk of damage or loss.
  • Collectable Management: Users can access and manage their collection, viewing their stored collectables in a virtual Vault.
5. Dazzy Marketplace (Coming Soon):
  • Dazzy.io is preparing to launch an exciting marketplace where users can trade their physical collectables.
  • Those who opt not to redeem their physical collectible can list their digital proof of purchase for sale or trade with other collectors and enthusiasts.
  • The marketplace will feature a user-friendly interface, facilitating secure and transparent transactions.